At the heart of everything we do at Kolide is osquery. Our goal has always been to make it easier to access the powerful data and insights osquery provides. To that end, we've created two distinct platforms - Kolide Fleet and Kolide K2. 

Kolide Fleet is a fully open source osquery management tool. Used by itself, or in combination with Launcher, Fleet provides a web GUI for deploying and managing osquery to your fleet (get it??). Fleet is a hands-on tool, that requires you to setup & maintain your own servers. In addition, we leave it completely up to you to decide what data you find valuable, and what to do with that data. Support for Fleet, Launcher, and osquery itself is available in the osquery Slack community. Members of our team are active in the #kolide channel. 

K2 (Kolide) is a paid cloud-hosted SaaS platform for gathering detailed device information across all 3 major platforms. We designed this product with User Focused Security in mind, for teams that value transparency, productivity, and trust within their organization, while also being cognizant of security best practices. We incorporated a Slackbot to alert your end users when their device is out of compliance, with detailed steps on how to remediate. Features like Inventory and Checks provide a view into the current state of your fleet or device. Try it free for 30 days, no credit card information required. 

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