By default, your team is able to choose to sign in using their email and password or Google OAuth. If you want to require Google Sign On for your team, you can do so by changing your team's sign in method to Google Sign-in only.

To start, login in to Kolide, and click on your avatar on the top right corner of the screen:

Select "Settings". 

This will take you to "My Profile".
From here, you want to select "Security & Privacy" in the left menu under Admin Settings. 

This will take you to the Security & Privacy page. 

Select "Require Google Sign On for Everyone", and
Save Changes. 

Go back to "My Profile", and select "Switch to Google", which will allow you to sign in using your Google account. 

An email will be sent to your team to alert them of this change. They will be instructed to sign in, and link their Google account.

Your team is now required to sign in using their Google OAuth (Notice that Email & Password is greyed out under "My Profile").

If you want to switch back to allow for email sign on, return to the Security & Privacy page, select "Allow all authentication methods", and Save Changes. This will then prompt you to create a new password for the account, and once saved, will allow your team to choose which method they would like to use. 

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