Custom Checks are currently added by request only by the Kolide staff. In order to request a custom check for your account, visit the Checks page and select the button that says "Request a Check".

Check Template:

Describe Check's Goal

Here, you will describe what you're hoping the check will look for and solve for your team. You will also want to specify which platform(s) this should run on.

Issue Title (of any issues generated when the check fails):
Windows Firewall Enabled

Check Description (Why is this a problem?):
The Windows Firewall should be enabled in order to...

Check Remediation Instructions (How can I fix this?):
To enable the Windows Firewall complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Start Menu...

Platforms to run Check against:
Windows Only

Once this form is submitted, a member of the team will reach out with any additional questions, or once there is a testable check to review. Some checks are fairly quick and easy to implement, while others will require research and development, and or may not be possible. The more information you provide us, the smoother the process will be.

When will I be able to create checks on my own?

The ability to create checks based on inventory filters or or osquery SQL is under active development. Stay tuned for an email announcing its availability, or subscribe to our change-log for updates!

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