Integrating your Slack workspace is a critical step to effectively using K2. The integration has two main purposes:

Automatic Device to User Assignment

By accessing the contact information in your Slack workspace through the integration we are able to correlate users with their devices based on Slack configuration metadata stored on their device.

Send notifications to channels or to users via an interactive slackbot.

The Kolide slackbot is a key feature of K2. The slackbot can be configured to emit notifications when Checks fail. These notifications can be sent to a specified channel (private or public). Notifications can also be direct-messaged to users with self-service remediation steps.

To accomplish these goals we require certain permissions (or Scopes) as part of the integration authorization. The rationale for each Scope can be seen on the Slack Authorization page but they are copied here as well for your convenience.

Slack Permission Scopes:


Modify your public channels
Allows the bot to invite itself to the primary channel you specify.

Modify your private channels
Allows the bot to invite itself to the primary channel you specify.



Add a bot user with the username @kolide
Allows the Kolide bot to show up in your Slack workspace.



Access your workspace's profile information
Used to import organization users.

View email addresses of people on this workspace
Needed to associate users with their devices (required for slackbot to Direct Message users).

Access user's profile and workspace profile fields
Retrieves user's Slack identity information such as Name, Email and 2FA configuration for displaying within Kolide App under Inventory.


Workspace Info

Access information about your workspace
Needed to associate users with their devices.

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