To get started with Kolide's interactive Slackbot, you will first need to follow the onboarding checklist, starting with Installing the Kolide Slack App.

This will then prompt you to complete the configuration right in Slack!

Kolide will appear in your Apps channels at the bottom of your Slack channel list.

Here, you can select which channel will receive your notifications. This can go directly to you, or a shared channel!

Click "Continue" in the app, and proceed with the remaining onboarding items in Pre-Flight Checklist. 

Once you complete the last step in the Pre-Flight Checklist, you will see a new onboarding page which will allow you to individually select users to invite via Slack, or, enable Automatic Onboarding. Automatic Onboarding will message everyone in your Slack group. You can customize the message you send to your users, and import single- and multi-channel guests! Also, any time a new user is added to your Slack team, they will be automatically prompted to install Kolide. 

You can see an example of the message your users will receive when they are sent the on-boarding message by sending a test to yourself.

From here, your users can download package for their OS, right from Slack.

Note that you can disable Automatic Onboarding at any time by selecting the toggle (which will replace the button once enabled). 

You can track how many people were messaged, and of those messaged, how many users installed Kolide. 

You can easily ping users by clicking "Resend Slack Message" next to their name. 


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