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Frequently Asked Questions about the Privacy Center

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What is the Privacy Center?
The Privacy Center is a special page in the Kolide web application that allows administrators and end-users to view answers to the most common privacy and data-collection questions they have.

What can an end-user see in the Privacy Center?
Anyone who accesses the privacy center has access to the same set of information that is pertinent to their specific device. This includes:

  • A list of Kolide administrators names and email addresses who can see their device information.

  • A list of the enabled Checks, their descriptions, and compatible device platforms.

  • A collection of privacy resources, including our Privacy Policy, the Kolide agent source code, our security information, and instructions on how to Uninstall the agent.

  • A list of devices assigned to the user viewing the privacy center.

  • A CSV export for each device that contains all of the inventory data we currently hold in our database about their device.

What does the Privacy Center look like?

How can I access the Privacy Center? How can my end-users access it?
Kolide administrators can access the privacy center by browsing directly to Or, they can access it by clicking "Privacy Center" in the user drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the site.

End-users can view the privacy center either through Slack or GSuite. 

How are end-users made aware of the Privacy Center?
We link end-users to the privacy center when we send them messages via Slack. This happens during:

  • The initial Slack on-boarding welcome message (when using the on-boarding feature of the product)

  • When a user messages the Kolide Slack app with the new privacy command

  • When a user message the Kolide Slack app with the status command (renamed from devices  / device )

  • For teams that do not use Slack, managers will need to make their users aware of this via email using the link to the privacy center. Users will be prompted to sign in with Google, but will only be able to see the Privacy Center. 

Why does this feature exist?
Most endpoint security companies leave it up to the administrators of the solution to field questions that end-users may have about the agent they installed on their device(s). Kolide is a User Focused Security company, and we believe very strongly that users have the right to know precisely what data is collected from their devices through the agent, and who in the organization can view that data.

Can I turn off the Privacy Center?
No. This feature is always enabled. However, you must enable the Slack app for end-users to be able to sign in to the privacy center.

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