You can now configure and customize your team even more with our new Guest User Settings integration. This will allow you to import Single-Channel and Multi-Channel Guests to your Slack Team in Kolide, making it easier to ensure even your contractors are compliant with your security best practices.

To enable Single or Multi-Channel Guests, select your avatar on the top right corner of the app. Select "Settings", which will navigate you to your profile:

From here, go to the left hand menu, and select "Integrations".

This will bring you to the Integrations' Settings page. If you have already installed the Slack App for your organization as part of your Onboarding, you can select "Configure" next to Slack. 

From here, you can select "Import single-channel guests" and/or "Import multi-channel guests", and click "Update Slack Integration". 

Please Note: If you have the Automatic Onboarding enabled, this will immediately notify these new users about Kolide, and prompt them to download a launcher package. Otherwise, you can go to the Onboarding page, select the users you want to onboard, and click "Onboard via Slack".

If at any point you need to archive these users, or any users, you can view the list of your teammates by going to the Inventory page, and selecting "Slack" from the left sidebar under Identities, and selecting which users you want to archive. 

Of course, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us via Intercom, or, email us at!

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