Here is a super easy way for you to customize your onboarding message!

When you sign into Kolide, select "Onboarding". From here, you'll see a new item called "Change Slack Message". 

Click "Change Slack Message". This will create a popup window, allowing you to see the default message that we can send to your team.

Here, you can add your own language to introduce the app, contact information for questions, and even add emojis! There is a 500-character limit, but this gives you plenty of space to convey what you need! You can also review "Slack's API documentation" for more ideas to jazz it up. 

If you make an error, and want to return to the default message, simply delete all of the text in the box, and click "Update Message".  

This will re-add the default message for you.

Once you update the message, you can send a test to yourself to see how it looks.

That's it! Now get cracking!

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