Though the agent does not usually need to be restarted. When working with Windows services, restarts are often needed. With the agent installed, try rebooting.

Third Party Tools

Some third party anti-virus or or anti-malware tools will terminate launcher and/or osqueryd. If this is occurring, launcher may exist without any logging. Please check the management console of your tools.

Reading Logs

Service Controller

Launcher runs as a windows service. When there are issue starting launcher, the service controller will usually log something. These message can be retrieved using an administrator powershell:

Get-EventLog  -Newest 10 -LogName System -Source "Service Control Manager" -Message "*launcherkolidek2svc*"

Launcher Logs

Launcher itself logs through the windows event logs. These logs can be retrieved using an administrator powershell:

Get-WinEvent -MaxEvents 50 -FilterHashtable @{
} | select -ExpandProperty message

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