Reading Logs

On macOS Launcher runs as a launchd service. It logs to the files  /var/log/kolide-k2/launcher-stderr.log  and /var/log/kolide-k2/launcher-stdout.log These files may be viewed, or sent to support.

Debug Mode

Launcher can be configured to log with various debug levels. You can do this by running the following command in a terminal window. It needs root permission, and will prompt you for your password.

sudo pkill -SIGUSR2 -f /usr/local/kolide-k2/bin/launcher

debug mode can be turned off by running that same command.

Starting in the foreground with additional debugging

Sometimes it's easier to start launcher in the foreground with additional debugging. You can do this by stopping launcher, and then invoking it. For example:

sudo launchctl stop com.kolide-k2.launcher
sudo launchctl kill com.kolide-k2.launcher

sudo /usr/local/kolide-k2/bin/launcher \
  -config /etc/kolide-k2/launcher.flags \
  -debug -osquery_verbose

When you're done, you can restart the launcher service with:

sudo launchctl start com.kolide-k2.launcher
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