In this article, we'll walk you through how to monitor devices that don't have a specific, designated owner. 

To start, you'll want to decide which Slack channel you want alerts to feed to. This could be a channel that already exists, or, you can create one for the device or group of devices. Once this is determined, or you have created your preferred channel, you'll want to create a Group

Go to Inventory, and select "Groups" under "Assignees" in the left-hand menu. 

Here you will want to click on the button that says "Add Slack Channel Device Group". 

Select a Slack channel where you'd like the device alerts to go. 

Once set, go to your Devices, and either search for the devices you want to assign to the group, or filter by "Device Owner - Owner Type (string) is null" to filter  "Unassigned" devices. You can also do this by sorting the OWNER column to find these unassigned devices. 

You can either click on the device, or scroll to the right to find the OWNER column, where you can select "Assign". 

Search for your channel, select it, and click "Assign".

This should now show up as a device in your Group list, and you will be alerted when the device(s) are failing checks. 

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