Apple released the next version of its operating system, macOS 11.0/10.16 Big Sur. This upgrade features a major redesign, and is also the first OS that will be compatible with both Intel and Apple Silicon (M1 chip) based Macs. You might be wondering, given all these changes, is Kolide compatible with Big Sur? What about the new M1 chip Macs?

Kolide is fully compatible with Big Sur. With Rosetta 2 Kolide's agent does work Apple Silicon based Macs. Please see this list of known issues to get the latest information regarding compatibility these new Macs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Kolide’s “Missing Important Update” Check ask users to upgrade to Big Sur when it’s made available?

A: No. Kolide only recommends users install important updates that have security content. Big Sur is not considered an “important update”.


Q: Does Kolide have plans to port its endpoint agent to run natively with M1 based Macs?

A: Yes. Currently the agent will run well using the Rosetta 2 emulation built into the new Apple Silicon Macs. We intend to collaborate with the Osquery community to ensure native builds are available in the future.


Q: Does the Kolide agent need any special permissions with Big Sur?

A: No. The permissions remain identical to the ones required for macOS Catalina.

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