During their Unleased keynote, Apple announced many exciting additions to the Macbook Pro family and revealed that macOS 12 Monterey will be released on October 25th.

After the announcements, you may be wondering if Kolide will support macOS 12 and these new Macbook Pros.

🎉 We have good news on both fronts. 🎉

We have been following macOS 12 betas closely and are happy to report Kolide is fully compatible with Monterey. Additionally, based on our existing compatibility with existing Apple Silicon Macs, we expect Kolide “to just work” when these devices start getting in people’s hands as early as next week.

We are excited to receive our own M1 Macbook Pros and continue to improve our reporting about these devices beyond what we offer today

If you have further questions, we’ve compiled a short FAQ below. Please reach out if you notice any issues after your upgrade. We are here to help!

Q: Will Kolide’s “Missing Important Update” Check ask users to upgrade to Monterey when it’s made available?

A: No. Kolide only recommends users install important updates that have security content. Monterey is not considered an “important update”.


Q: Is Rosetta 2 still required to run the Kolide agent on Apple Silicon Macs?

A: Yes. While we’ve already upgraded the primary portions of our agent to be Apple Silicon native, Osquery, an open source dependency, does not yet offer a native Apple Silicon support. That said, we expect native Apple Silicon builds to be available for osquery before Apple fully completes its transition away from Intel. Until then, our default installation package flags Rosetta2 to be installed automatically.


Q: Does the Kolide agent need any additional permissions in order to work with Monterey?

A: No. The permissions remain identical to the ones required for macOS Big Sur and Catalina.


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