Starting on May 11th, 2022 Kolide's Slack app fully supports Slack Enterprise Grid across multiple workspaces.

How to Connect Kolide to Slack Enterprise Grid

  1. As a Kolide administrator with full-access go to the Integrations Settings page. If you are migrating from an existing Slack account, click the Remove button from any existing active integration.

  2. On the Slack Integration, click the Configure button and then Authorize Slack Integration in the subsequent popup. You will then be redirected to Slack. Depending on your workplace's app approval permissions you or the workplace owner may need to approve Kolide from your management portal.

  3. If you aren't already, sign in to your Slack Enterprise Grid account. In the dropdown in the upper-right corner of the screen, choose your organization under the Your organizations section (as shown below). Then click Allow.

  4. After you click Allow, you will be redirected back to Kolide. If the app is not currently authorized to access any workspaces within your Enterprise Grid account, you will see an orange banner like the one shown below. To authorize additional workspaces, click the Slack Admin Settings link at the bottom of the banner.

  5. In the Slack Admin Workspace settings page, select the workspaces you would like to install the Kolide application as shown below. You can also choose to authorize the Kolide app for any future workspaces you may add in the future (recommended).

  6. Click next and then follow any remaining prompts and confirmations. Once you save, return to your existing Kolide tab/window and you should see the workspaces you've authorized.

  7. After completing the integration, you may wish to also set up specific channels for automatic notifications and escalations. This can be done by clicking Escalation Behavior (link) in the left-hand nav. When searching for channels, the workspace name now appears to the right of the channel name (as shown below).

  8. Finally, you can see which workspaces a particular user belongs to by accessing the Slack identities in Inventory. The workspaces column is also included in the CSV output and available for sorting/filtering in Onboarding.

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