In the rare case that you encounter an issue with the Kolide Agent, you may be asked to provide our Support team with a debug log file. This is somewhere the Kolide Agent keeps a record of its status and any potential errors. It is the first place we look to understand whats happening. When requested to do so, please locate the file, and send the entire file over to our Support team.

Kolide’s debug log can be found at the following platform specific locations:

  • macOS: /var/kolide-k2/

  • Linux: /var/kolide-k2/

  • Windows: C:\Program Files\Kolide\Launcher-kolide-k2\data\debug.json

PS: While the agent generally does not need to be restarted, restarts are often required when working with Windows services. If you have not yet restarted your device in the troubleshooting process, please do so now.

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